YWCA Clay Street Center

This fine historical landmark building by Architect Julia Morgan was originally completed in 1932. The unreinforced yellow brick exterior walls and clay tile roofs are detailed to reflect traditional Chinese architecture, and the interior is a splendid example of East-West eclecticism. The multipurpose hall is roofed with a vaulted wood lamella structure - a rare example of this type of construction.

 The seismic correction and remodeling was done with the approval of the State of California Office of Historic Preservation. The building was gutted and the brick walls were gunited from the interior and embedded with anchors. Parapets and chimneys were anchored, ties for the lamella roof strengthened, and all detailing and surface materials were restored All interior detailing and surface materials were restored to the original design. Work also included soundproofing and remodeling the community day-care and classroom facilities, and upgrading lighting, heating and plumbing.

LOCATION: San Francisco, CA