San Francisco General Hospital, Building 90 Accessibility Improvement Study

As part of AckerleyLDA Architecture we provided a comprehensive study evaluating the options for an accessibility improvement study for Building 90 at San Francisco General Hospital. Building 90 is currently being served by a single elevator that has frequent service issues. Although safe, it is frequently out of service for repairs rendering the upper floors of the building inaccessible to those with mobility impairments. Building 90 contains critical services that cannot be interrupted or viably relocated, including the Urgent Care Clinic, Methadone Clinic, Tuberculosis Clinic and other services necessary to the City.

The study examined four conceptual solutions for considerations of order-of-magnitude cost, schedule, constructability concerns, architectural impacts, facility and clinic relocation impacts, utility impacts, and effect on the historical fabric of the building. Solutions varied from the creation of structural openings that would allow the building to share elevators with the adjacent Building 80 to the addition of a new elevator. Building and infrastructure was surveyed to further understand the actual ramifications each option will have on the building.

Ultimately the report recommends a specific option as providing the most benefit to the facility at the least relative cost. The written report and associated diagrams and cost analysis were presented to the SFGH Facility, Department of Public Works, and the Bureau of Architecture.

LOCATION: San Francisco, CA