Alameda Boys and Girls Club

This project began as a design-build renovation to a dilapidated and wholly inadequate facility. Through the course of the early design stages, it was a struggle to stretch the Club’s limited finances to be able to adequately protect the health and safety of the kids. By showing them the ability to raise considerable capital for a new and distinctive facility, they now have a new Clubhouse with 3 times the program area, on a donated site.

The design process utilized a series of work sessions with the Boys and Girls Club Board, youth representatives from the Club, and the Alameda School District.

Located on the grounds of Woodstock Elementary School and adjacent to a public playground and ball fields, the facility faces these other kid-friendly amenities to open its doors--literally and figuratively--as an invitation to join. The western side of the Club faces the school with a broad expanse of glass to complete a quad that provides additional program space to the school and offices for various non-profit community recreational, educational and social programs.

The full-sized gymnasium features natural ventilation – air conditioning is omitted, thereby saving the facility from a large load on their energy budget. Natural light is generously brought in to all areas to reduce the demand for artificial illumination. The project is designed in accordance with LDA’s guiding principle of creating sustainable and environmentally responsive designs – both as a means to reduce resource demands, and as an example to the youth that it serves.

With this robust facility, the Boys and Girls Club is able to extend its opportunities by offering its facilities to the Alameda Unified School District and the local community of all ages.