THOMAS S. LEE, AIA, Managing Principal

Tom received his Bachelor of Science in Architecture from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo in 1976 and joined LDA that same year. In 1984 he became a Principal, and in 1990 was appointed as Chief Executive. His experience with a variety of building types and his knowledge of a wide variety of construction methods is the basis for his development of the firm's construction document production systems; he remains LDA's chief project.

In the past, he has represented architectural concerns as a liaison to BART, on the CAABA Transportation Committee. He has served his hometown of Lafayette as a member of the Design Review Commission, as a representative for the development of the new Seaborg Learning Center, as member of the New Library Art Selection Committee, on the Parks Improvement Advisory Committee, and as a member of the Downtown Specific Plan Advisory Committee.

He has participated as the responsible project manager on the larger projects in the firm's resume. These include projects with mixed-uses, multiple types of construction, more than one owner/ user, phased construction and more than one responsible design professional.

SANDY Y. LIANG, Senior Associate

Ms. Liang has been involved in many high visibility projects both overseas and locally. Ms. Liang has developed special skills incorporating the concepts of quality design through the execution of contract documents and construction administration, always with the consummate understanding of how buildings and projects come together from the technical standpoint. Her extensive technical design background and knowledge of building systems gives her the ability to coordinate and perform quality assurance reviews on all project types.

BEYZA DEMIRTAS, LEED-AP®, Senior Associate 

Beyza Demirtas was introduced to LDA in 2008, immediately impressing us with her broad professional skills. Highlighted by her extensive field experience and understanding of constructability, LDA invited her to immigrate and become an integral part of collaborative team.

She has worked on many diverse and complex projects in both the private and public sectors. Significant projects include, multi-family housing in Sacramento and San Francisco, the International University Sports Tennis Stadium in Izmir, Turkey, and a 3-story Auto Mall Showroom and Repair Facility for Volkswagen. In particular, her work on a health spa utilizing natural geothermal hot springs kindled a keen interest in sustainable design and creative energy sources – she is our in-house LEED-AP® and the root of our environmental conscience.

Her proven versatility and adaptability, founded on solid principals of technical expertise and a collaborative working style, has rapidly propelled Beyza to greater levels of responsibility in service to our clients.