Alamo Terrace Condominiums

These condominiums are located on the corner of Steiner and McAllister Streets in San Francisco's Western Addition. Designed within the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency guidelines (and monitored by the Agency's watchful staff), the Building provides 15 market rate condominiums with all units designed as a "floor-through," each facing both a street and an inner court open space. The wood framed structure houses 3 stories of living units over a one-story enclosed parking garage which provides one parking space for each condominium. Bay windows, shingle siding, sloped roofs and a masonry base all recall the textures and forms of the existing neighboring buildings which are largely Victorian inspired, or thereabouts.

The top units of this four-story walk-up have ceiling heights reflecting the sloped forms of the exterior roof shape. Each unit has a private outdoor deck, and additional outdoor space is provided at the garage roof level of the inner court and at the rooftop level of the units. Fireplaces were designed into every lining room and skylights topped off the fourth story units.

LOCATION: San Francisco, CA